Legacy Endowment Fund

Legacy Endowment Fund – A Gift for the benefit of God, the Church, and its

In May 2015, SonRise United Methodist Church started a permanent endowment fund known as the SonRise Legacy Permanent Endowment Fund to be invested to establish a long-term source of income to support missions, ministries and church costs such as building maintenance. The Methodist Helping Methodist Foundation is trustee and institutional custodian for the endowment fund and hires investment managers who are directed to invest in socially responsible funds. The endowment fund is fully funded by donations and earnings on its investments.
The SonRise Legacy Endowment Fund is invested in a professionally managed investment fund
(Balanced Fund) that consists of approximately 65% equities (stocks) and 35% fixed income (bonds, etc.).

Income and appreciation of the Legacy Fund are to be split 55% to Missions and 45% to a church
maintenance fund. The Legacy Fund has a Committee that meets annually to determine distribution of any funds. The annual distribution is limited to 4% of a 3-year rolling average of the market value of the und assets. As of March 2022, the Legacy Fund has made distributions for missions and maintenance of $15,940. A total of $8,768 has been given to missions such as Pueblo Rescue Mission for food and shelter for the homeless; Los Pobres for food and clothing for migrant workers and their families; Sierra Leone in West Africa for food, education and medical supplies; and other missions such as prison ministries and food for the needy in Pueblo, Colorado. A total of $7,172 has been transferred into the maintenance fund for use by SonRise Church.
The market value of the Legacy Endowment Fund at December 31, 2021 was $87,325. The Fund
fluctuates in value based on the stock and bond market returns. Financial results of the Legacy
Endowment Fund are routinely published by SonRise Church.

The Legacy Fund is like an orchard planted so that it will bear fruit now and in the future. In the early years, the orchard is about hope and faith in the future. As years pass, fruit begins to grow and bless future generations. God provides the growth. Please consider investing in the orchard we are planting at SonRise.

Ways you can participate: (1.) Cash Gifts, (2.) Memorials – gifts made in memory of a loved one or
friend; (3.) Bequests in Wills – Simply name SonRise Church as a beneficiary in your will; (4.) Transfer of Property – real estate or securities can often be given with special tax benefits to the donor; (5.) Trusts – gift of an asset with retention of income for life of the donor. At death, the assets transfer to the Legacy Fund; and (6.) Life Insurance policies. We also have a Legacy Fund Quilt that you can make a donation of $100 or more as a memorial or as a donor and get your loved ones name or donor name on the quilt. You can see the quilt in the back wall of our gathering space.
If you are interested or have questions, please contact: Pastor Carrie West or Legacy Endowment Fund

Committee members: Donald Moore, Dennis Diaz, Terri Cole or Kathy Thayer.

Jesus said: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Luke 12:34)
DD 7/22/22

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