Youth Group Halloween Props Needed!

Do you want to help the youth with the halloween event but aren't able to help that day? Consider donating some items!

We are in need of some props to use for our haunted hallway. We will gladly accept donations or loans of items. We will take great care to keep your items the way they are when we get them, but because we cannot make any guarantees, please don’t loan any items that are expensive or have special meaning to you. Please make a note on all items if they are a donation or if you would like them returned. If you want them returned, label them with your name (on masking tape works well).

Witch’s cauldron
Giant spiders
Smoke/fog machine
Crib or cradle
Dolls-all kinds (the creepier the better)
Games for toddlers (stuff like ring toss, 
Bales of hay 
Blue lights
Any other creepy items you might have- we can probably work them in!

We will also need candy and cookie donations. 

Please ensure all props are at the church by Oct. 23. Setup will be Sunday Oct 30, but we may need to adjust our plans depending on what items we have on hand.

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