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Message from Pastor Carrie | April 29, 2021

Easter people, raise your voices! Jesus is Risen! Resurrection/New Life is happening all around us! Can you see it? Can you hear it? Whether you answer yes or no to these questions, I urge you to consider participating in our May prayer walks. Prayer is not just about us talking to God, but is also for us to listen for God. We desire to know God's plan for us, not only as individuals but as a faith community as well. However, if we become too busy doing, doing, doing - well, we miss out on relevant and transformative words from our Creator. The purpose of our prayer walks is to listen, question, listen, discern, listen, clarify guessed it... listen. What does God want for SonRise Church, and more importantly, what SonRise Church can be for the community of Pueblo West and surrounding areas? Each Sunday at 11am we will gather in the parking lot of the church. We will have a short time of praise and prayer together, receive scriptures or prayer prompts for our walk, and in some cases split into groups to walk in different areas of our community. You can stay and pray for 15 minutes or 30 minutes or even an hour. You will be encouraged to write down some of the words/images/dreams that come to you during the prayer walk. During each week following our walks, I would ask you to keep praying about what you know is from God. In June (date TBD) we will have the opportunity to share our experiences of prayer. Now, before you go down the road of "God won't possibly speak to me! I'm not (fill in the blank) _______ enough! (good, holy, smart, strong)" - know this: You don't have to be anything but present, open, and willing to try! God has spoken in all generations to folks just like you. 'Hearing' nothing isn't the absence of God's Spirit moving among us. You don't have to come every week, but what do you have to lose by coming at least twice? At this time, the schedule look like this: May 2 - walk our land/property/building May 9 - walk the streets nearest the church, including Spaulding Ave. May 16 - walking in parks/gardens May 23 - Pentecost Sunday...going where the Spirit leads us May 30 - TBD If you are not physically able to join us, call or email the church office and I will send you the prompts for each week so you can pray at home during the 11:00 hour on Sundays. God is up to something good! In prayer and with gratitude, Pastor Carrie Pastor Carrie West SonRise Church

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