Sonrise Church (719) 545-0557

Effective Sunday, September 10:
9:00 am - Bible Study and Children's Sunday School
10:00 am - Coffee Hour and Fellowship Time
10:30 am - Worship

Season of Change

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Peace in the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth's symbolic meaning is that life's journey is challenging, filled with highs and lows, ups and downs and when one feels lost along their path, God's salvation is at the center of life.  Our Labyrinth is open to all.

Embracing Diversity, Including All.

SonRise - Pueblo West, CO strives to create a safe space for all God's children to express authenticity and explore a deeper spiritual life.  We believe God the Creator, the Redeemer (Jesus) and the Spirit meets us right where we are in life without judgement.  Therefore, we love others as we have been loved by God.

Our Vision at SonRise Church

We will strive to be a thriving faith community connecting you to Jesus' love through life-changing relationships.

Gathering Times

Sunday Worship at 10:30a.m.