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SonRise Church is a relatively new congregation created for people we don’t know yet.  We gather as God’s children so that others can join us too.  It’s true that anyone can worship God anywhere.  At SonRise, however, we believe being part of God’s family, gathering together for worship, study, fellowship, and service, helps us connect more fully to the Divine.  It is our purpose to share the love of God in all we do.

We are committed to attending to the needs of the poor, the imprisoned, the sick, and hungry.  Jesus commanded this of his disciples (found in Matthew 25).  Because this is our focus, you won’t find fancy lighting, loud concert music, or extraordinary entertainment in our worship service.  We strive to offer a welcoming and safe space filled with songs, scripture, and prayer that is accessible to all kinds of people. We do not all think, believe, or behave alike here at SonRise.  But we believe in loving alike, in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.

We are a United Methodist Church and while our denomination is looking at some big changes, our commitment to serving our community of Pueblo West/Pueblo is our main focus.  We also support a church and 2 ministries in Sierra Leone, Africa.  Locally, our members are closely working with Los Pobres in Avondale, Pueblo Cooperative Care, and Pueblo Rescue Mission in Pueblo, Kairos prison ministries in Las Animas and in Pueblo, as well as offering our support to the staff and students at LPI Middle School.  

Our Staff:
Rev. Carrie West
Terri Cole

Financial  Secretary & Bookkeeper



Office Administrator


Mark Rudnik

Media/Visual Technician


Jen Rudnik

Director of Children's Ministry


Jesse Hed
Jalyn Perkins

Nursery Attendant

Keith Bulander




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